The Power of Choice

“Today is a good day to have a good day.”

Well, yesterday wasn’t a good day.

Overwhelm, anxiety, hopelessness.

Just a general feeling of something, that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

We’ve all had those days. Where we just feel MEH right?!

And you know the worst thing?

Nothing was inherently WRONG.

Yet there I was, almost crying at lunch with a friend because of all these feelings I had been burying and had suddenly come spilling out with the phrase, “Are you sure you’re OK?”.

You try to put your finger on why you feel like this. Maybe it was something you watched, something someone said to you, or if you’re female maybe you even question your hormones.

Nothing comes to mind. You. Just. Feel. Shit.

But today.

Today is different.

Because every day we have some element of choice.

We choose to put ourselves first, to make sure we give ourselves what we need at this exact moment.

There is always a decision to be made, whether it be the clothes we choose to wear that day, the way we choose to drive to work, the workout we decide to skip or the food we use to nourish us or purely just to make ourselves feel better.

Today, I could have let my emotions and feelings spill over. Wallow in the hopelessness of yesterday, deciding to do nothing to move towards a place of greater peace or productivity.

I made a choice.

I chose to have a good day.

To do something for me (a workout), to eat good food (homemade soup, salad and my current favourite, a quesadilla), and to give myself what I needed (time to think, space to write, a banging playlist and my phone on airplane mode).

It won’t be like this all the time. Sometimes you’ll choose the ice cream, the bottle of wine, skip the workout, order the pizza.

But the best thing about making decisions?

You’re not the product of the last decision you made. You always have a choice.

So today, choose to have a good day.

Ok, maybe not today. Maybe after you’ve finished the Fruit and Nut.

But tomorrow. That’s definitely a day to have a good day.

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