Motivation, Small Wins and Words for the Weekend...

It can be hard to know how best to Coach sometimes; do you need support, tough love, empathy, knowledge, or inspiration?

Today I just want to give you this simple message: You Can Do It.

We always focus on the negatives, not on the positives. That’s why your check in form always has a moment of gratitude. What have you got to be grateful for this week? What has brought you pleasure outside of your nutrition and training?

The small wins are just as important as the big wins. In fact, as you meander along this journey and when you reach your goal, its the small wins that will have more of a lasting impact than reaching the goal itself.

Did you manage a couple of extra reps? Did you inspire someone else? Did you try a new fruit or vegetable this week? Did you make an optimal decision at dinner? Did you choose not to drink and woke up feeling fresh so you could go on that walk/run the following day?

Did you just DO. YOUR. BEST?!

Remember that the imperfect consistent action trumps perfection every time. We KILL ourselves by chasing perfection in this modern day world. The only person we end up hurting is ourselves. We place ourselves unreachable targets and hold ourselves accountable to unrealistic expectations.

Isn’t it better to try, learn, grow, do our best, and just know how we’d approach things again next time??

*I appreciate this all sounds very ‘woo’, but so much of this can be applied to training, nutrition and just……life…….

This is your reminder that you’re doing AMAZING. You are far too hard on yourself. You are not measured by the number on the scales.

Focus on one thing this week that you ACHIEVED.

Maybe it’s a 60kg Bench that you couldn’t do a year ago.

Maybe it’s 5 press ups.

Maybe you got your first pull up.

Maybe you increased your protein intake to 100g.

Maybe you had a day not tracking your food and you didn’t DIE.

*that last one is tongue in cheek…..but you get me.

I asked a wise man for some advice today about what he’d like to hear if he was to read an email from his Coach. His answer?

“Don’t make five great steps in the week to take six poorer ones at the weekend.”

I think those words can be applied to a multitude of

weekend scenarios….no?! 😏

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